The Starter Pack includes the following:

  • POE Template
  • Induction Document
  • Study Timetable
  • System Manual
  • Study Register

The Learner pack will provide the learner with all the elements to successfully complete the programme including:
• Learner Guide
• Additional Learning material
• Workbook
• Recorded Clips
• Logbook ( Learnership)

The online lectures can be pre recorded or live. The facilitation process will include lecturing, group discussions, practical exercises and formative portfolio exercises

Assignment shall be assessed first and then the learners shall write the closed book examination (summative) after passing the assignment. The assignment and examination shall be assessed by an Accredited INSETA assessor. Learners will receive written assessment feedback from Growth in Motion. If not-yet-competent, learners will be given opportunity to submit remedial evidence and Re-Write the Test.

Our expert lecturers are passionate about helping you pass and are available to assist you directly.  We will provide feedback on any e-mail received within 

  • 24 hours on content related questions
  • 12 hours on administrative questions

Portfolios will be moderated on completion of the programme 

 Verification will be done by the INSETA and Credits will be uploaded on the SETA Learner Management system.