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A few things we’re great at – Learn In Motion

We offer training programmes to prepare learners for the FAIS Regulatory exams as well as sales, service, soft skills, HR skills and learning development programmes like moderator and assessor training. Workshops are customised to address your specific needs.
Our facilitators and trainers are also available to train your own material.
We do behavioural coaching, that includes business and sales coaching, as well as the coaching of Key Individuals to ensure they manage FAIS requirements.
We also offer HR services that include the components of Talent Management, Organizational Culture, Organizational Structure, HR policies, processes and procedures.

Training and Facilitation

We offer workshops in the following areas:
*   FAIS Level 1 Regulatory Exams
*   Retirement Fund Trustee Training (underwritten by Monash University)
*   Sales
*   Service
*   Soft Skills
*   Learning
*   HR Skills

Coaching – Learn In Motion

Behavioural coaching with managers in the workplace to achieve valuable and sustainable changes in their professional and personal lives including:
*   Assessment
*   Examining values and motivation
*   Setting measurable goals
*   Defining focused action plans
*   Using validation tools and techniques to help the individual/team develop competency and overcome opposition

HR Services

*   Learner Support Centre
*   Talent Management
*   Organisational Structure
*   HR Processes, Policies and Procedures
*   Organisational Culture 
Why use Growth in Motion?

Holistic Approach to Training

We provide you with an end to end solution for any of the learning programmes we offer. We also offer back-up support for any project a company is running, taking away the administrative burden.
The solution starts with scheduling learners for workshops, securing a venue, communicating with them on when and where to attend the workshop, booking them for the exam (in the case of FAIS) and supplying progress reports where applicable.
We go the whole way – Learn In Motion

Techinical and Content Support to Learners

Depending on the type of project we also offer technical or content support to learners. Access to the Learner Support Centre is normally available between 07h30 -19h30 for :
*   Content related queries
*   Administrative support including information on workshop and exam in terms of venue, dates and times.
*   Booking and re-booking of exams. ( FAIS related)

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