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We are change specialists, that design people change initiatives for strategic business programmes and projects. Each of our change processes are uniquely focused and designed to drive the required transformation and change in behaviours required to achieve the goals and objectives set out within a programme and project.

The “art” of managing change is about proactively positioning an organization to be ready, willing and able to successfully adopt the business change being implemented. While change is about moving to a future state, change management is about supporting groups and individuals impacted by the change through their own transitions - from their own current state to their own future state.


Our change management value proposition:

SI planDefine and manage a people change strategy, framework and plan

SI stakeholderFacilitate the establishment of integrated stakeholder coalitions and role specific stakeholder influencing and engagement set of activities

SI impactassessmentFacilitate the integrated change impact assessments. Facilitate the establishment of an integrated change impact landscape view

SI facilitateFacilitate implementation of role specific impact driven enablement interventions


Our Enterprise change management capability

A holistic process for managing change at an enterprise level does not magically solve the problem of change collision and change saturation. However, following this process provides a new perspective and view of the change book of work - one that is missing in most organizations. Individuals, groups, projects and the organization all benefit when the total change book of work is more actively evaluated and managed.



 Change management resources

We offer 3 options:

  • A Change Manager in person
  • Digital Change Manager to support your Change plans and activities
  • Training your staff to be able to handle Change projects


Change manager in person

Each one of our change management specialists come with an exceptional track record in delivery change processes for different clients and industries. All Change management specialists that we provide to a client has undergone a change management assessment so as to ensure that we always put forward change management specialists with a proven track record in the management of change.

Digital change manager

One of our experience Change Managers will work with you ,  electronically , to compile or review any of the change management components you might require for your Change project

Example of services  include

  • a Change Management plan for your project
  • review of your current plan and recommend changes
  • a Change framework customized for your needs
  • Change Impact assessment
  • Stakeholder plan and tracking tools
  • Communication plan
  • Write communications on your behalf
Go live planning , ideas and implementation

Train in-company staff to manage change

Growth in Motion run change management workshops for:

We also help you to build your own People ChangeManagement Framework

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