Classroom Training

Including exam bookings, reminders and content support

Workbook still
the base resource
for Course + pre assessments 

Facilitated Sessions by experienced and qualified facilities

self-study and questions.

Online practice questions, similar to exam questions 


To ensure the learning process is easy to follow, learning is structured by way of a study register/timetable with due dates. This allows the learner time to do self-study at his/her own pace. There will be check points during the course that will ensure completion of the course in a certain time frame.

Growth in Motion’s uniquely designed workbook covers all the Knowledge Criteria according to FSCA’s requirements. This is available on the System
– in the form of an e-Workbook or
– in a downloadable format
Each Knowledge Criteria will have self-assessment questions.

Our lecture videos convey information in bite-size sections so that learners can get a good understanding of the legislation and acts.  

Our expert lecturers are passionate about helping you pass and are available to assist you directly.  We will provide feedback on any e-mail received within 

  • 24 hours on content related questions
  • 12 hours on administrative questions

Our online webinars/discussion forums  provide learners the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from an expert as well as interact with other learners.

We offer two types of assessments that are aligned to the Regulatory Exam questions 

  • Assessments per TASK – to ensure understanding of the content covered 
  • 6 sets of exam paper (mock exams).