Change Management

We Define a Strategy

We partner with our client to build the case for change and build a change management capability by defining a change strategy, framework, and transformation road map leading into successful execution.

We Establish Stakeholder Coalitions

We will facilitate the establishment of integrated stakeholder coalitions, and role specific stakeholder influencing and an engagement plan that can be adapted to an agile environment enabling sustainable improvement.

We Facilitate Impact Assessments

We facilitate the integrated change impact assessments combined with the  establishment of an integrated change impact landscape view.

We Facilitate Enablement Interventions

We facilitate the implementation of role specific, impact driven, best practice, enablement interventions and appropriate metrics to track efficacy and advice on improvement opportunities.

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Ready to manage CHANGE?

At Growth In Motion, our Change In Motion team are ready and available to assist your organisation or project, no matter what size. We offer our clients a choice of three options,  which makes it feasible for any size organisation to do change right.

We Provide You With Your Own Change Manager

Each one of our change management specialists come with an exceptional track record in delivering successful change initiative for our high profile clients in a variety of industries.

The Change Manager that we place on site will actively drive the change effort within your organisation, building the capacity to sustain execution and show impact on people and capacity and deliver on your business goals.

We Support You With a Virtual Change Manager

One of our experienced Change Managers will work with you through a virtual medium example mail , telecons skype etc) and meet face-to-face when warranted, to compile or review any of the change management components you might require for your Change project.

An example of the service includes  • We will define / review your case for change. We will provide support through sharing guiding principles for a successful change strategy.
  • We collaborate with your team to define change specifics by reviewing your current plan and recommending changes.
  • We transfer our knowledge to your team. • We enable you to setup a transformation engine for your project.
  • We assist in monitoring and reinforcing the change intervention by regular progress reviews and recommendations on improvement opportunities.
  • We provide change tools and coaching in the use of these tools, like change impact assessments and stakeholder models.Contacts us to guide you/ partner with you to successfully navigate any of your people change journeys.

We Train Your Team To Handle The Change Management

We transfer knowledge to the change network in your organisation

Growth in Motion run change management workshops for: • Change Management for Business Owners/Managers • Change Management for Project Managers • Change Management for Change Managers We also help you to build your own People Change Management Framework


Flexible Change Management Options


Successful Change Projects under the belt


Individual Highly Skilled Team Members

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Contacts us to partner with you to successfully navigate any of your people change journeys Don’t risk failure. Speak to us today.

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