Individual Profile – Mike Strohman

Mike Strohman

Mike is a Teacher by profession, and a Certified Financial Planner®. He was part of the transition to Independence in Namibia and contributed to the processes of change and transformation in education there. Joining a major insurer, he ran his own practice for several years and with his appointment as head of training began training and developing financial planners and managers.

He was transferred to Cape Town and managed, developed and conducted training for management, sales and service personnel in the financial services world. This continued when Mike served with a major bank.

Mike has recently de-mystified FAIS Act complexity for hundreds of candidates who needed to meet the statutory regulatory examination requirement, with great success. He is an accomplished speaker, facilitator and conference host and regularly conducts national functions for corporate clients. His work is characterised by liveliness, interaction, humour and insight.

He works throughout Southern Africa from Cape Town, which has great motorcycling roads, good running routes and rich bird-life.

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